One morning a sports bag was found on the doorstep of one of our children’s shelters. Inside was a toddler, no older than 18 months with burn marks all over his little body. Today Sheila is a wonderful bundle of joy and you’d be hard pressed to tell he has Down’s syndrome! We have found children rummaging for food in disease-riddled, rat-infested garbage dumps. We have discovered little ones locked up in dog cages that we have brought to our shelters. We even found one baby still tied to the back of his drowned alcoholic mother! My passion is to make a difference in their lives by providing shelter, food, and clothes, but most importantly, love. With all my heart I believe we as women and moms, grandmothers, sisters and friends, should do something to fight injustice. The profits from the sale of the products will go to alleviate the plight of orphans and widows around the world.

"Our products are matchless and exclusive for women everywhere."


 The deepest desire of my heart is to see ladies of all ages excel in every area of life - fulfilling their dreams and visions and being set free from any bondage that would hold them back from being all they can be.For this reason “I Am Worthy” has been established in 2009 worldwide to bring you the very best range of products to uplift, inspire and energise. Sold only through the I Am Worthy® boutiques, these products are original and created specifically to make you feel special, I firmly believe that every woman can walk in victory and in the knowledge that they can conquer the world.  Women are at the heart of the nation, city and family and have a natural passion against injustice. Empowering women and caring for widows and orphans are high on our agenda and we support these causes with our time, resources and finance.  Through every purchase, you are bringing life and hope to myriads of people.You will notice that the affirmation statement ‘I Am Worthy’ runs throughout the I Am Worthy range of products and this is because we want every woman to know how special she is to God. 

Love,  Dr Bev

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